Thursday, February 11, 2010

february mixes

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My February Playlist -- février - songs for the road to the future, and kissing boys in stairwells along the way
Notable tracks:
- on to the next one by jay-z
- dance, dance, dance by lykke li
- horchata by vampire weekend
- foreground by grizzly bear
- babys by bon iver
- thinking of you by pete yorn
- the funeral by band of horses

I made a mix for my dear, dear friend Tommy, who lives in Manhattan. And I'm particularly proud of this mix, because the transitions are beautiful between tracks.

"New York, I Love You" songs for frolicking around a snow covered city
1. a dustland fairytale by the killers (for your arrival into the city)
2. taking control by alberta cross (for looking up at tall buildings)
3. time to pretend by mgmt (for leaving your apartment for a party, looking like a celebrity)
4. ragoo by kings of leon (for all the cute faces that greet you on the street)
5. sweet disposition by the temper trap (for looking out the window, and being overtaken by the city's beauty at night)
6. after hours by we are scientists (for running down the crowded street, laughing, the lights a-twinkling, and feeling extremely alive)
7. the great procrastinator by ivan campo (for 3 am meals, your shoes off your feet because they hurt from walking so much)
8. anthems for a seventeen year-old girl by broken social scene (for holding a new love's hand while walking them to the subway platform because they don't live in midtown)
9. foreground by grizzly bear (for the subway ride back to your bed)
10. dance, dance, dance by lykke li (for a city morning. grey and sunny)
11. single ladies (put a ring on it) by matt smith (for people-watching in washington square park)
12. horchata by vampire weekend (for deciding to go to brooklyn on a whim)
13. moi je joue by brigitte bardot (the vintage clothing shopping montage)
14. relator by pete yorn & scarlett johansson (for catching eyes with a gorgeous guy in a coffee shop in the lower east side)
15. embers by just jack (for realizing that you feel more alive in this city than anywhere else)
16. dirt off your bittersweet shoulders by jay-z vs. the verve (for lying in bed with your best friends, snacking on magnolia bakery confectioneries, saturday night live playing the background, and the window-open, with the sounds of the city playing a gorgeous tune)
17. on to the next one by jay-z (for exiting, and counting down until the next adventure)

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